where can I buy jdm 1 piece headlights??

Im trying to find me a good site or place to order some jdm 1 piece headlights. not ebay crap

Look around in the forsale section someone was selling some the other day. Also try password jdm they may have some Or jhpusa

password jdm are all unavailable and jhp dont have any. im also trying to find some locally too

  1. marketplace on any honda forums
  • here on g2ic, hondamarketplace, nwp4life, team-integra, and etc.
  • just be prepared to have the money when they do pop up
  1. ebay
  2. Hmotorsonline
  • great place to deal with!! I believe the owner is steve?

They’re really getting rarer and rarer nowadays, when i first got into the “scene”, they were going at most for $150 for a very clean set from a reputable site; nowadays with the hype and rarity factors, people are hyping up the price so expect to spend the $$$ when you do find a super clean set. But now and then you’ll find some people who’s price is within reason… hope this helps

yeah ill try out some more sites and if ppl got more places to search lmk im always on and reading. to let ppl know there is a meet coming up on may 6 in rhode island so if ur from the east coast try to make it

here’s some links i found on ebay (these are the cheapest ones i can find as of now on the site)



yeah i saw those on ebay the other day but wasnt sure if it could be trusted

go with the feedback rating, and plus it’s 100% covered by paypal since it’s on ebay. So if it gets damaged during shipping or whatnot, you can always file a dispute and get your money back. Just make sure you do it asap in the event that it does happen, so that paypal doesn’t screw you over by saying you reached the maximum days to file a dispute.

I got my last set from ebay and I was satisfied with it; again just make sure the seller’s feedback is good and that the shipping cost is within reason since they are usually coming from overseas…

alright thanks for the help. much appreciated. try to make it to the meet in rhode island if u can. i went to uconn the other week for a meet and me and my friends are tryin to make it to a lot of meets this year.

secret’s out. jrautoparts.com they have them for about 230 shipped. maybe you should give them a try and give us a quality check.

ill check them out right now

ordered them already…good site funokii