where did they find more power???

ok…90-91 have 130 horse and 121 ftlbs, and 92-93 have 140 hp and a bit more torque… i has hondering where they found the extra ponies at ???

The cylinder head is different, cams are more powerful. Nuff said…

i was just asking because i have a 91 2 door, and i swapped the motor out for a 93 b18a1, and i kept all my origional wiring, origional int manifold and origional exhaust manifold, i was just trying to see if i gained that power or was i still the same… well since its in the cylinder head and the cams are different then i guess i got 140 hp, and 126 ftlbs of tq…

sweet, and correct me if i am wrong please

the intake and exhaust manifolds also contribute to the power gain in the 92-93.
And the only thing significantly different in the '92-93 head is the cams.
Converting to OBD1 may also result in a power increase of maybe 2Hp.

So really, you’re probably around 135Hp.