Where do i buy aftermarket transmission gears?

I am in the middle of rebuilding my 91 integra manual transmission. I disassembled it and found that my second gear and first/second gear slider need to be replaced. I ordered my rebuild kit from rockland gear (rings, bearings, seals but they do not sell hard parts) I called up my local Acura dealership and they were able to order me the 1/2 slider but they said that acura (honda america) no longer stocks the gears individually. Does anyone know of a company that makes stock ratio gears for a 91 integra?
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You might try calling King Motorsport out of Sullivan, WI. They can usually get some pretty weird shit that even Honda won’t carry anymore.

I just checked and the parts are out there if you can get them on line let me know.


I called king, they said call another acura dealership, i called that sunnyside acura and they said they don’t have them in stock and honda-america no longer makes it so im SOL. :frowning:

nobody has them anymore… but gearspeed might have some spares??

call them up.

Or this is a perfect chance to switch to ATS or OS Giken, if you want to spend a few extra dollars

Gear-speed cant get them, OS Giken and ATS are all hydro components.
thanks for trying… please keep it up!!!

why not switch to a 92-93 transmission or buy a 92-93 transmission and all the components needed to switch to it , then throw hydro gears into it?

I have 2 91 transmissions right now so i am going to try to get at least 1 working tranny out of the 2 then keep an eye out for a 92 trans…

why not sell both, and then just go straight for the 92? why waste the time. and use the money you save to go towards a lighter flywheel, or oil change and tune up, or even a cd deck.

found the parts i need. A local guy has a bunch of spare cores laying around that he uses the finals out of them for b16/gsr trannys. :smiley: and as for 92+ trannys… im going to be selling my spare trans to this guy for parts and using the money to start a …save up for a newer trans fund

hehe i know how it is, right now im doing the save for a new teg shell fund. after i buy the shell this summer im going to sell my S13 and then buy my motor, ill prolly do the H23A into it if the mounts come out in time. otherwise ill see where to go. good luck, keep us informed

Yeah, i am just wrapping up my suspension project. I have a 91 civic dx hb with a b18a1 in it, took all of the integra suspension and sand blasted and powdercoated it, ecoated then powdercoated the rear trailing arms, replaced all of the bolts, bearings, bushings with energy suspension bushing kit (including sway bar and rear trailing arm bushings) and replaced the rest with oem honda parts. ingalls front and rear camber kit, ebc green pads, integra master cylinder, booster and proportioning valve. megan racing (i know its cheap but is just bars of metal) front and rear upper and lower strut tower/tiebar set (although i couldnt get the front lower to fit b/c of the motor) 23 mm integra front sway bar. dc sport 4-1 stainless header, that goes into a 2/5 inch test pipe to an rsr exmag gt2 exhaust, act stage 3 full faced sprung clutch. Skunk 2 short throw (the one w/ 2 bends). integra wiring harness with the teg guage cluster and right now 95 civic dx seats, but i have a set of mint 92 integra seats waiting to go in. I just need to get my car on the ground (finish the trans) then i am taking my car for an alignment and wrapping my 2000 si wheels with falken azenis rt 615s and then driving it while i build my ls-vtec motor. I already have the head which has crower valves, skunk 2 springs and titanium retainers… and a bare b18b1 block and crank w/ 60,000 miles on it in mint shape… almost forgot the centerforce flywheel and tokico illumina with h&r springs… and a couple more goodies left off the books

another option

try http://www.gear-speed.com/

I tried them but they couldn’t get the 90-91 gears