where do you guys get your motor?

From online websites? or some local motor importers? or directly from Japan? or some other source?

Where did you buy your motor/package?
How much did you pay for your BXXX motor?

Thanks… been shopping around, only place i found so far is www.passwordjdm.com but i want to check out more before doing anything… and i want to do it right. So i am doing a little research, or poll here.

As for transmission, is the B16 tranny the best?


ps: i wonder if this thread should go to General Disscussion, but this is soloy about Engine stuff… so… i dunno.

first off man search!!! I just did a whole bunch of that over the last month getting my b16 swap ready, and i’m hoping to have it put in next week. IF i were you, since ur right up in quebec anyway, theres a place called Osaka motors that is in quebec, go to there website www.osakamotors.com and find out where there at. i wouldn’t advise buying the engine over the phone cuz all i hear is bad things, but if you can go to there shop and pick out the engine you want, that would be good, cuz there cheap too, good luck.