where is the AIT (Intake Air Temp) sensor

ok i bought one of them Ebay chips for my car just to see if they acually work it was only like 10 bucks so no big deal if it didnt… but it says it needs to be wired to the IAT sensor but i have no clue where that is on my intake manifold… its a 93 acura integra LS non Vtec… can someone help me figure this out??


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Huh? how would you wire a chip to a sensor? shouldn’t the chip just be soldered into the ECU? (preferably via a socket for easy removal)

you got a link to the auction?

it most likely has to be tapped into one of the IAT wires at the ecu. but i agree any good chip should be soldered in.

To awnser you question. it on the number four intake runner. pretty much next to the throtle stay braket. (throtle cable) :wink:

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i think its that white thing on the intake manifold on the runner going to the first cylinder.

Yes it is on the first intake runner. It is white and has 2 screws. Here is a pic of it.

And here is its location.

Sounds like he just got ripped off for a resistor type so called hp gains. a jumper to tweak the ecu into feeding more fuel?

That isnt going to work. What will work and what i have done is fabricate my own lil plate and block off the IAT on the runner and relocate the IAT to the front of my intake pipe near the filter. I did it this way so the cooler air can flow to it and then the ecu would have to compensate the correct air/fuel since its much cooler now and not HOT from the runner alone.

Notice that the 99+ civic SI have this IAT on their intake tube, hope it makes sense.

Sounds like it. How did it work for you relocating the IAT? Did you notice a difference in power?

Well I honestly wouldnt say by much at all becoz its hard to tell, tho from my experience I notice the gas pedal being a tad stiffer thats about it and it hasnt change since so i really cant say. Lets just put it this way that i now know its flowing thru the intake pipe much cooler then it is in that hot IM runner though dont u think? So that would tell the ecu to feed correct amount of fuel i suppose and still better then that jumper type resistor or better yet closer to what the civic si has on their intake tube.

isnt just disconnecting it easier? i read the “gain 5hp free” thread i think they say to disconnect that.

the funny part about the OP is he paid $10 for a $0.05 resistor that doesnt do a whole lot.

those resistor “chips” have been around so long, i cant believe people still buy them.

yea i bought the chip opend it up all it is is a resistor to lie to the ECU about the temp… but i figured for 10 bucks who cares… i havent put it in yet my dad’s a electrition he said he could prolly make something better for it and he said he prolly could build a chip for my car instead of me buying one so im wating on all that… but i also am thinkin of relocating the senor to my cold air pipe next to the filter… but thats alot ofr clearing up where that sensor was at i thought that was it but i wasnt positive… and thanks alot to the guy who posted pics of it on here it helped alot. now what can i use to a block off plate for the relocation??.. and any other lil free things i can do to gain some horsepower?.. not to sure if i can just change the subject like that in this thread… but its kind of on the same subj…


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[QUOTE=Da9tegra;1696655]the funny part about the OP is he paid $10 for a $0.05 resistor that doesnt do a whole lot.

those resistor “chips” have been around so long, i cant believe people still buy them.[/QUOTE]

what’s even more surprising is the amount of feedback these sellers are getting: mostly positive… :think:

You would have to actually remove the sensor and then kinda fabricate the shape of it to use over the original spot. I basically use a flat metal plate that i got at home depot for 2 bucks. I then used a rotary tool to grind it into shape as close as i could.

Now you would need to drill two hole to locate the screws. Where the sensor hole goes u would need to reuse or get a new ring/gasket for it. Just tighten it down good and there shouldnt be any air leak if u have used a flat plate surface.

oh ok well that seems generaly easy. thanks again for the help… and yea the sellers for that “chip” ristor had all possitive feed back… not one negative feed back… thats why i wasnt to worried about buyin it… it doesnt make any sence to me but hey doesnt really matter cuz hopefully ppl will read this thread and find out that its BS before they buy it… un like me lol… thanx again guys…

        still up for some horsepower ideas... lil tweaks and things you can do with out open the wallet to much? lol..

Ok first off what have you done to the car already?

i/h/e=2.25 pipes

If u already dont have the above do the below

No p/s a/c
advanced timing 18 degree
89-91 shell octane

Best thing i want to do is bore TB and intake Manifold match. great flow with good pulls in low end. I’m more of a street hype and care more of low end and mid end tq.