Where is the DOME LIGHT wire??

I have done many searches and i can’t seem to find out where the DOME LIGHT wire is located. I mean the POSITIVE (+) wire that requires a relay to light it. I know where the door triggor (-)wire is but can’t seem to locate the dome light wire. I want to add the one minutes illumination upon disarm/unlock on my alarm system.
If anyones knows, can you tell me where under the dash it is and what color the wire is??

I have installed this function with my alarm… dont need to find the positive wire… as this wire is always conected to the dome light… its the negative wire that trigger the dome light

just take your wire from you alarm, hook it to activate a relay and that relay puts ground on the negative wire (the door trigger one) and you NEED to use a relay to light up the dome corectly (I made this mistake first)