where is the ICU?

I’ve used the search engine on his & H-T but all the threads are old with no valid pictures.

  1. where is the ICU located? picture would be greatly appericated

  2. there was an old G2ic thread on how to fix 90-93 DA ICU for $5… but when i clicked on it, it was a dead link do any of you OG members here recall that thread & know the DIY method to fixing it?


The ICU is located behind the drivers side inside fuse box. As in behind. You have to remove the upper and lower 10 mm bolts that hold the fuse box in place and swing it up to see it. You can disconnect plugs to make it easier to access if you’re having difficulty getting enough space to dissconnect the plug for the ICU. Its a small grey box (about the size of a pack of cigarretes) and its actually fit into the rear of the fuse box unit. I believe it has a red connector.

I wouldn’t bother fixing it unless money is really tight. There are members on here who sell known working ones (ie darussianone) for cheap.


thank you sir

Just curious, if the ICU is on the drivers side behind the fuse box, what’s under the passenger carpet, thought that was the comp?

The ECU is located under the carpet on the passenger side