Where is this coming from? (pic)

wut up i was wondering this happened to anybody… is this from the valve cover gasket or the cam seal? i dont noe where the cam seal is can sumbody tell me where it is? thanks in advance!

Looks like angelfire to me.


Wholly goodness… I don’t think the cam seal can pump that much oil out so evenly, my guess is the valvecover. Best bet would be to completely degrease that section (make it spotless), drive around for 15 min and check it out.

The picture kinda sux, but it could be the cam seal. The seal is the black circle in front of the distributor and just above the water neck for your radiator hose.

Yeah… Clean it first… then check it out later…

sorry bout the pic guys ( i dint noe how to shrink it) for those who cant see the pic here is the link:


thanks for the replys guys, i was thinking it was the valve cover but when i took it off, the gasket and the the four 0 rings look new… i guess i’m going to have to use the gasket seal?? damn chilton manuel doesnt help atall!!! arrgggh!! i will clean it tomorrrow, but when the oil comes bak, how will i noe its from the valve cover and not from the cam seal?? thanks in advance

Valve cover seals can look new, but not seal like new. Also you may need to use some hondabond to help the seal of your valve cover as well. As for figuring out where it comes from, well its simple. If you see oil “sweating” around immediately below the valvecover, then its the valve cover gasket. If you see it only below or only around the cam seal (orange blob on your car) then it’s the cam seal. It also could be both (what I think).

Personally, I wouldn’t even care to figure it out and just go to the dealer or parts store, pickup a cam seal, valve cover gasket, spend 45 minutes and do the job right! This way the leak will stop and you’ll feel great about fixing your car for good and cleaning up the mess!

here is what i would do.

clean that whole place up real good and then go drive it for a lil bit and then you’ll be able to tell where it is coming from, it looks like to me it is from the cam seal but i cannot be certain. but def clean that thing up bro and drive it for short period of time enough for it just to start leaking. it could be a combo of cam seal and too much oil i the engine hehe.