Where to buy 90-91 LSD?

I am looking to upgrade my J1 tranny with an LSD without going with a Kaaz or Quiafe. Anyone heard of being able to buy just the LSD alone for this tranny or would I more likely find a JDM cable tranny already equipped with LSD? These JDM cable trannies are already hard enough to find on their own, but I want some LSD… :-*

ure only choice is to buy a jdm tranny with lsd, but with a b18a i dont really recomend it because of the shortgearing


according to this quaife makes a differential for 89-91 b series trannies. And i’m sure you already know richie, but ignore 90LS about that short geared tranny…they are good for all NA applications even non vtec. It all depends on your preference and if you want those short gears. I know a couple guys here are running vtec trannies on their non vtec motors and loving it!

I think I know of someone who might be willing to sell you an LSD for a 90-91 casing. Email me if your seriosly interested. I believe he has a Cusco unit, and is willing to sell for at least half of the o.g. price. Probably in the 400-500 range. Let me know…