where to buy a 99-00 b20z

anyone have a good reliable place to buy a high compression 99-00 b20z i know hmo is a ggod spot but from there site it says they only have the 96-98 low compression one


Haha, I actually found my B20z off of there for $800 picked a couple years back. I know memeber phatcardesignz also found a B20z from there

^ I concur.

Found one on there from a local junkyard, called and payed with a credit card, and they had it pulled and ready to pick up the next day. Even got to see the car it came out of and the mileage on the odometer. Most junkyards will also have a 30-90 day start up warranty (if you do have problems, it’s a lot easier to deal with than shipping one back somewhere). Got mine at least 3 yrs ago now - 75K 2001 B20Z for about $800 as well. Just look up a 2001 CRV engine and it will pull up any from 99-01. There’s usually several on there in the $700-800 range.



I paid $1000 for one with 100k. Thats alot, but i got to hear it before it was pulled so that was worth the extra $200 in my opinion.

There is only ONE place I’d buy any motor, & thats www.hmotorsonline.com
They have been in the game for over 18yrs & they have the best motors & service around. My B20B high comp. was FLAWLESS. Cost $1000 shipped to my door. I called them & got to pick exactly what I wanted. (low-rise mani, 2001, p75 head, etc.) Fast shipping too. check out my write-up on the swap for pics & how-to info.

Search B20b into 92-93 teg. Or search for threads I posted.

Fuck tiger jap. They sent my friend a motor & it had rust INSIDE the bitch!!! I hear nothing but bad things about them. Don’t know anything about the other site. Honestly though, why buy a USDM B20b when you can get a JDM w/ low miles that has more horses & torque?


I agree. H motors is the place i got my swap and the motor is strong as hell. Now i dont know about tiger J but every one seems to not like them at all. Yea i posted the link up but only to help you out OP. Attarco is another place you can go as well but H motors is going to be my number 1 pick for good strong engines.

yea hmotors is my first choice but i saw that they dont ave the high comp b20 in stock so i guess i will wait til they get them in

car-part.com is junkyard search engine that allows you to search for a yard near you. You could search by distance, price, etc. I know Hmotors has a great reputation, but I wouldn’t say they’re the ONLY place I would buy from. Like phatcar said, they come with 30-90 startup warranties and if you have any problems, you don’t have to deal with shipping. Seriously, $2000 for a complete LS swap, LOL. http://www.hmotorsonline.com/shop/sc2000search.cgi?what=page&item=30007. You can find COMPLETE K20a2 swaps on car-part.com for about half that, when they charge $4000 for the same thing. B20z swaps go between $500-$800 on there, mine had 80K on it, paid $800. Also h93, he said he was looking for a B20z, so that is the higher comp motor. Oh yeah, Tiger is a ripoff too, just look in the Off Topic section, someone posted a nasty review a while back, so I definitely wouldn’t trust them.

2k for a ls swap?? Thats way to high. I payed 3k for my GSR shipped and all from H motors.