Where to buy floor mats?

all the carpet in my car is fine except for the driver side. Its got 3 holes and its bugging the shiat out of me. Where can I find new oem floor mats for my integra, help?

you wont find any genuine OEM floormats anywhere, they are almost IMPOSSIBLE to find. they have been discontinued for some time now. there is a company on ebay that sells IDENTICAL replica floormats. a couple members on here have bought them and they swear by them. said they are WELL worth the money. i’ll find a link to a set for you, but you can get them in a wide variety of color combos.

here you go homie:
this auction i believe is for the front only though, but from what i’m told, these mats are just as nice, if not NICER than genuine OEM and the fitment is PERFECT

also, check these two auctions out, i should bite my tongue cuz these floormats look to be legit and in good shape:
dark blue:

thanks homie :up:

no problem. always glad to help :wink:

Yeah you’ll see some every now and then on ebay or so. But 99.9% of the time they won’t be the graphite color. I’ve got some from california car cover company, which they are made by Loydd mats. They are very high quality, stay in place, and are nice and plush.

I bought replacement floor mats and carpet from StockInteriors.com. You can request a carpet sample at no charge to verify the color match to your vehicle. Prior to purchasing them from StockInteriors.com, I did buy some “JDM” floor mats out EBay. They were total crap and a waste of money.

sorry if im jacking but im selling a 5 peice set of the “type R” mats. theyre obviously not real R mats but theyre really nice.

thanks for the replys guys. i just got done ordering a set. hopefully they come out nice

Those OEM ones on eBay say they’re for a 2dr. Is there really a difference in floor mats from 2dr to 4dr?

I’m rocking the “Dodge Motorsports” floor mats from my old Dakota SXT right now…at least the red lettering matches my paint job, and they always get a laugh from my buddies. I actually kind of like them to be honest.

yes there would be a difference seing as how a 4 door is longer than a 2 door. floorpan is diff

hey guys I recieved my floor mats the other day and they look excellent. very well made, almost like oem. I bought the ones without the “integra” stitching. they fit perfect as well.

glad i could help, and glad you’re happy with your purchase. :gotpics:

Just got mine from this guy, took pics. Fit perfectly worth the money.

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Just got mine from this guy, took pics. Fit perfectly worth the money.

Which guy did you get it from? I am interested in buying new floor mats.



I bought some Lloyds mats recently. They actually fit better than OEM. They are larger and fit in the footwells perfectly and the carpet used is high quality. Special order though, and took about a week - they are made to order in your color of choice too. You can also have custom embroidery done too.


You can also skip the e-bay hassle and buy it direct from www.dstuning.com

Shit, I would have done that and got the rears with them.