Where to buy JDM H4 headlight bulbs?

I bought my headlights from passwordjdm.com and I’d rather not EVER buy from them again. Where does everyone else get their H4 bulbs for their cars? I don’t want to spend anything over 50 bucks for replacements.

i paid $25 for some from password thinking it was 2 and it was only 1 replacement, but with a picture of two on the website. damm fine print :frowning:

now i have a blue one and a regular one :werd:


they’re H4H not H4. the two bulbs have different bases and focal points. just so you don’t get confused because H4 is sold at your regular auto parts stores.

ICB Motorsports sells H4H also.


and so does Weksos


edit: saw that you didn’t want to spend over $50.

well first option is still there with the Polarg B1 Halogen from ICB

Thanks for the link to ICB. I’m going to keep looking but it seems to be hard to find em for under 50 bucks.

Yeah I got confused as to which are H4 and which are H4H, but yeah, I’m looking for H4H’s.

I bought some POLARG H4H’s for about 48.00 shipped from e-bay. They have a nice color, very close to HID. I’m glad I didn’t go through P-JDM…they are good at Carbon stuff but I wasn’t feeling their headlights bulbs. These are the very same bulbs that ICB motorsports sell, and they were cheaper. And I received them in 2 days.