Where's the MFR Located?

Sorry guys, I’m stranded and I have not been able to find any topics that can tell me where is the MFR located. I have search on both driver and pasanger sides

I know it’s underneath the steering wheel, but not sure specifically…I myself would like to see a pic as well

Thanks, I found it. I will post pics once I’m done. The reason why I was not able to find the MFR is because the one I obtained at the dealer has some slight differences. I’m thinking they might have given me the wrong one.
The OG MFR is brown color / dealer is black
OG MFR is labeled “21” / dealer is “18”
OG = Mitsuba / Relay Ass’y, Main RZ-0067 12V Japan
DL = Mitsuba / Relay Ass’y, Main RZ-0063 12V Japan

The mounting points on the new MFR are in the opposite direction from the OG MFR?

Same with me yesterday. I took the hanger from the old, took the new one off, and put the old plate on the new one. Worked ok that way

Found this helpful link :


In case you are caught off guard how I was, there are some helpful tips on how to find your MFR

Here’s a shot of both MFR (new & OG)

The new one is on the left (notice the different mounting bracket)

The car is now fixed :rockon: