which camber kit to get ?

what sup. im planning to get some camber kit for my 2 fronts and i dont know which brand to get or which kind . can you guys help me out thanks. also which kind are you using on your car ?

Such a vague question. If you don’t provide any info on your drop then all you are going to get is BS opinions.

And if you had done a SEARCH you would have seen that there are different kits for a small drop vs. large drop. And you might have seen one name keep poping up everywhere. I’ll give you a hint, it starts with an “I”.

INGALLS !!! i got a 3 inch drop and am using INGALLS extreme camber kit :clap:

I have a 2" drop and Im getting the SPC Adjustable BJ’s.Heard good things about em’

I’ve heard either Ingalls or SPC…only choices for us.

My question is where is the cheapest place to find them?

Mike from Rev-auto had competitive prices on the Ingalls kits I wanted, it might take a few weeks to get them though.

I bought the SPC 1.5-3.0 BJ’s from ADRPerformance for 180 shipped.The -1.5-1.5 are only 70 each. :slight_smile: Thats the cheapest price I have seen so far for them.

Hey i think i am going to buy my ingalls camber kits form this place, they seem to hqve good prices, and free shipping www.mmrusa.com I found this site while searching where to buy ingalls camber kits hope it helps!!!

I think someone on here had bad experiences with them, try a search maybe?

I’m in the search of the samething. I can’t afford to kill my Azenis with camber wear. I went to that site and they have Ingalls front for $122.96 shipped. What do you guys think?

Maurice, did you end up buying anything?

hey i need camber kit and i was wonderin if a 94-01 integra camber kit would work on my g2 well its a skunk 2 ajustable camber kit any info will help thanx

if it is the A-arm one it will not work. IIRC the spacing is different between the anchors, and there is not space in our fenders for those.

damn thanx for the info i appeciate your help

Seems from this post:


This is a good kit to buy…


But it might not be the right kit…I think I’m going to get this one…


Just bought my 35720 kit from this guy.


Came in 2 Days for $130 shipped

Damn wish I hadnt dished out 180$ on one from ARD thats friking on backorder.I wish they would tell you when you order so you dont have to wait 2 weeks and then they say “oh yea by the way…”