which car for parts for b16 swap??

i have a quick question that i couldnt really find the answer to… im doin a b16 swap and im gonna buy some new parts like timing belt, water pump, plugs and wires, cap and rotor… i was just wonderin which car i buy the parts from… i was thinking a 1995 del sol si… wold that be ok or what… any help would be appreciated…thanks

timing belt can come from a 95 sel sol or 99 Si (as long as its a b16 timing belt) water pump comes from a 92 GSR, make sure it has 22 teeth on the gear. 92 GSR plugs, 92 GSR wires, and I put a b18a distributor cap and rotor on my b16 with no problems.

edit: this will help you greatly. http://honda.hybrids.jp/tech/parts/B16_FullTuneup_Parts.shtml

ok i read what u said and i went to search more and the more i read i see that i cannot use the cap and rotor from a del sol and that i cannot use the ignition wires either?? i understand the timing belt is ok but i should use the gsr water pump not del sol?? i need to know about the plug wires and the cap/rotor also…i have an obd0 motor…so should i use the cap/rotor from a 90-91 integra ls since thats obd0 and the plugs and wires from a 92-93 integra gsr since that doesnt matter…will that work ok with no problems??..sorry i just need some help with this because im gettin confused…thanks for everything in advance

you can use the del sol timing belt, plug wires could come from the GSR or the del sol im assuming. I used a cap and rotor from an obd0 LS, and it fit with no problems. I got confused too, and im STILL ironing things out with my motor.