Which clutch

it might be time to replace the clutch whats a good aftermarket brand and setup for something you drives aggressive but is in city and stuff too

car is a 92 gsr

My Clutchmaster Stage 1 is excellent for the street, but since I’m still breaking it in, I can’t fully testify as to its holding power. I’d say either Clutchmaster Stage 1 or 3.

i have a 92 gsr and i have the act extreme with street disc and i love the way it grabs! its kinda stiff but i like my clutch that way

pretty good deal on an exedy sport


exedy clutchs have had really bad reviews


no complaints from me and i abuse s**t BAD

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no complaints from me and i abuse s**t BAD [/B]

maybe my friends setup was not a good combo…not sure though…i personally still favor act