which ECU is this

Hey peps
My friend gave me this ECU and so I wanted to know which car is this ECU for vtec or non-vtec. This is all the ECU has written on it.

620-220946 9L

the pm6 is from a 88-91 civic si

There was no 88 civic Si… =)
88-91 crx Si and 89-91 civic Si.
non vtec of course…
I am really bored in case anyone is wondering.


isn’t the PM6 from 92-93 Integra ?

Originally posted by dasologa
isn’t the PM6 from 92-93 Integra ?


my friend got this in his 93 integra

The ecu is supposed to be the factory one, ( my dad’s friend was the original owner ) and it’s a PM6,


Not telling ya you’re lying, no but how a PM6 ECU would have gotten there, and it fit my 90 integra i tried it in it …