Which ECU: P28 or P72 OBDI?

I have a B17A and wanna chip the ECU, but the P61 ECU is RARE so I wanna use a different ECU. Which ECU would you guys recommend? The P28 or the P72?

Get the P28 chipped. There somewhat easy to find and go for about $200-250. If your in the mississauga area, go to www.hyperducktuning.com. He does very good work for a fair price, and he lives right around you. Check out the website, hes got a quite a few different programs to choose from.

I have a choice between the two because I found both. Which is better???

There both the same! When you have your computer chipped, the chip resets the fuel maps, ignition timing, vtec crossover point, redline, etc… Both ecus would preform exactly the same if they had the same chip in them because the chip is reprograming the entire ecu.

Thats great! I just got a P28 ECU for $80 CDN! Was just chipped by www.hyperducktuning.com . Excellent service! Gonna install the ECU and see if its any good…

$80??!! Thats a hell of a steal!! What computer chip did you get?

J’s, Mugen and PYR. Currently using the J’s. Smooth acceleration and good power increase!