Which engine setup would YOU take?

i’m in a real bind right now. in the next month or so i will be ready to drop in a nicely furbished motor to replace my stocker. here lies the problem, right now i have to choose what path i wanna take. in my posession i have either:

1.) nicely built b18a - stock block w/p30 pistons, ported n polished head (crower 403’s, crower valvetrain, skunk2 gears, 5 angle valve job), port matched b18b intake manifold, port matched dc 4-1 1pc. header… OR

2.) fairly stock ls/vtec - stock block w/p30 pistons, STOCK b16a head, jdm 4-1 header, toda ECU

which would you prefer. keep in mind this is my daily driver and i need it to be reliable, i also dont KNOW OF any shops near me that are known for good, solid ls/vtec conversions. ONE and HOLESHOT were 2 that happened to have closed down. I’m also on a pretty tight week to week budget so making constant repairs isn’t what i’m looking for(who is?). i’ll tell you right now that i’m leaning towards the built LS even tho i know that when built, the ls/vtec will put up numbers my LS just cant. like i said, i’m stuck right now, any opinions, comments, experience would be greatly appreciated… THANKS!

PEACE! 42o!

Sean whats up its JOE i called u up a few days ago , i would go with the ls setup its going to be reliable , if you had the money i would go with ls/vtec but since its your daily driver i wouldnt go with that set up ive know a few people slaped a b16a head on there ls and mostly didnt last more than 10,000 miles so build it right or dont go with it
i think the ls would be more of a sleeper and more reliable and good power (not as good as ls/vtec) and if you need a little more juice go with 50-80 shot of laughing gas (NOS)
when you get a chance down the road get a ls shortblock and start building it right for ls vtec you can then take your time
good luck let us know

PS sean i can get you a really good deal on a pr4 chipped pyr ecu for your ls set up , since you are helping me out , i will call u up later this week

hell yeah man… i’d def. take that ecu from ya. and the LS route is sounding better to me too the more i think about it. but hit me up whenever bro, peace.


if you are going for reliablity i would go with the ls setup definately. I agree that if wanna build the ls/vtec right later on, its still possible and u would still be able to sell that head for a good price later on since is has all that stuff on it.
LS/Vtec can be reliable but u just have to build it right

I’d say the B18…it’s what I have.

We put a fiarly stock B16 head on someone’s LS…and I wasn’t impressed…I can almost say my car is still faster…

The LS built theway you have it would definitely be quite enjoyable.

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how about a b20 block :smiley:

If you aren’t going all the way with the LS/Vtec, then the LS build up. I think it’s more respectible for someone to build a Non-vtec, vtec killer. Also, it will be alot more enjoyable and relieable for a daliy driver.