which headers are best for me??

I have an ls/vtec with the following things done to it. Ijust want to know the best headers I can get for the mods I have and something with some ground clearance becuase I’m pretty low. thanx. (moderatly priced)

-b16a1 head
-3 angle valve job
-milled 0.003
-type r intake manifold
-skunk2 stage 1 cams
-skunk2 valvetrain
-str adj cam gears
-aem cold air intake

-B18a bottom end
-bored out .50
-aftermarket oversized pr3 pistons
-polished journals
-new vtec bearings
-ARP rod bolts, head studs and main bolts
-gsr water pump
-gsr oil pump
-2 1/4 inch cat back exhaust

What are your goals for the car? How much money do you want to spend? What header is on the car right now?

well Ihave stock headers on the car right now and I’m looking to spend a good amount of money (not toooooo much) and I’m looking for something that will improve the midrange to high end.

All depends how much you want to spend ;).


DC’s JDM 4-1 is a good bang for the buck header, if you don’t want to spend $1000 or more :).

Do a search here or on honda-tech for ‘header test’, should help you choose.

Comptech 4-2-1 is what i have way better than the old dc 4-2-1 , the primaries are alot bigger for more horsepower
JDM ITR header is a good option but kinda expensive and need modification to the xmember and cat but a very nice choice
JDM DC ITR OR GSR 4-1 are good options also but clearance can be a issue if your car is to low , and theres always the JUN<SPOON> ect headers very hefty price tag but perform
its up to you , my choice would be the comptech or jdm itr for that setup

T1R. Only way to go for something of its quality and price range.

This header had better results then the DC 4-1 and the Comptech 4-1. (a friend sent me a header dyno test…but I can’t find it)

Anywayz, here’s something I wrote about it: