Which Intake to use for ls/vtec

Hey guys I am just about ready for my ls/vtec in my 1990 GS and was wondering which intake you guys have used and found to be the best since using the dual stage intake stock for this head wouldnt be a good choice!! The ones I have been looking at are:

1.Stock Intake for Type R

2.Skunk2 intake

3.Edelbrock intake which one do you guys think is the best and will give me the least amount of trouble getting to work considering I have OBD0??? Thanks for your help!!

ITR intake and throttle body if you have it. The Skunk2 is the same throttle body anyway, so don’t bother.

I use an ITR intake manifold with a b17a bored out to 62mm by jg. I cannot tell you how this does in comparison to anything unfortunately since i added this at the time of the motor conversion and have had no other intake since. I assume for a proper comarison you would have to have a motor that has one intake on, dyno for results, then put the other intake on and dyno for results.

In other words, dont hold your breath and buy whichever one you can find cheapest.