Which Lowering Springs?

OK guys I need to get lowering springs. Which ones? I was suggested TEIN and i am leaning towards those but let’s just say this I want it to look clean and actually look lowered what springs do you suggest?

I only have experience with H&R sports and Neuspeed sports but they are both good springs, why don’t you do a bit of :read:


I want to get these springs. What do you guys think? I want an overall opinion thanks for the help in advance. Any other suggestions? Are the Skunk2’s better or worst. Thanks

Do yourself a huuuuuge favour now and do a bit of research on spring rates. Thats whats going to give you a “better” or “worse” ride, in your own opinion. The sping rates are key. Now just read up!

umm yea…how about shocks?

This thread is poo. There’s a hybrid suspension guide created especially for questions like this. Search. Please.

Ok now the higher the spring rate is the better? Or how would you determine “good” springs?

my god!

wrong forum and everything!!!