Which oil cured your 3rd gear grind? need Advice.

i am a new manual driver and the clutch is new, the shifter is stock but cut down to look like a short shifter, I get a slight grind from up or down shifting to 3rd gear BUT only over 25mph or shifting from 2nd ro 3rd over 3000rpm, double clutching stops the grind and i have no other problems with the rest of the gears. 4 days ago i changed my oil from 10w-30 to Honda MTF and that grind is still there. could redline or synthetic 5w-50 help? please post if you had a similar problem.

please leave tips if you think the clutch, shifter or my driving could cause something like that.

sounds like you need to get new sychros for the troubled gears. your symtoms sound pretty classic, and 3rd gear is notoriously the first to go in our tegs unfortunately. @ low rpms it should be fine, but like you said, at higher rpms, that’s when it happens…

and yeah double clutching is your best bet until you can get that fixed… but just remember… double clutching isn’t a racing technique like Fast and Furious likes to make people think :wink:

I’m pretty sure you need your synchros replaced. But there are a few things to check, before assuming anything.

  • Check your shifter and shift linkages and make sure none are loose.
  • Recheck and/or adjust your clutch cable.

Now, these may not remedy the problem. But just eliminate the obvious first before thinking the worst. For fluid recommendations, you might want to try Redline MTL 80W90, BG Synchroshift, or GM Synchromesh apart from Honda MTL.