Which part in this pic do i need?

I didn’t know what forum to put this in, sorry if i posted it in the wrong place… I need a front hood seal. It’s the one that’s on the very front edge of the hood. I was going to order it from carland acura, but i couldn’t figure out which one it was in this pic. Can somebody please tell me? Just go to http://www.acuraautomotiveparts.org/acura/jsp/mws/prddisplay.jsp?inputstate=5&catcgry1=INTEGRA&catcgry2=1991&catcgry3=3DR+LS&catcgry4=KA5MT&catcgry5=HOOD and you will see the pic.

Part # 12 goes under the hood, part # 16 goes on the leading edge of the hood.