Which rear aftermarket LCA is an exact stock replacement?

I need to replace my LCA, and I want one that is a simple bolt on affair. I’m especially concerned with the mounting of the stock sway bar onto the LCA. I’ve seen some aftermarket LCAs that are advertised as a stock “replacement” but require an extension of some sort to mount the swaybar endlink.

Are there any LCAs that are straight bolt on, don’t have to buy extra crap to make it fit?

I have the skunk2’s and they bolted right up to my ST rear sway. I think they are a bit longer in length though. After I installed them I had extreme negative camber in the rear, which is what makes me think they are a little bit longer, which would kick out the bottom of the rim and bring the top in causing negative camber.

just get some ES bushings for ur stock lca’s… will be just as good or maybe even better than any aftermarket lca except for the weight and “bling” factor.

/\ yup.

+1 here…

Yeah and the fact you can make a sway bar stiffer then what a stock rear LCA can do.


that’s what i did, no regrets… if you want sand-blast it and paint it, it’ll look aftermarket if you do haha

i’ve got the skunk 2’s and they mounted up just like stock… love em… i don’t know what that other guy is saying about the negative camber… mine didn’t have neg camber after install???

oh no you did it …watch out :dozing:


I don’t know if you have purchased them yet. But, skunk2 lca’s bolt right up and you don’t need any extra stuff. Unless you have abs then you will have too figure out what you want to do with the wires that run along the lcas.