Which should I get (help!)

Hey guys, it’s time to get some seats. This is when I wish I still had my CRX. Not sure if racing seats will look wierd with a back seat…I’d scrap it, but I like the comfort! Anyway, which seats should I go with?


RED 1:


RED 2:

Here is my interior:

My G2 is red.

I’m going with these seats because they are cheap, reclinable, and they slide. That’s what I’m looking for. I really like the design as well! Anyway, which do you think I should go with? I know red will get dirty faster, but I’m not a dirty guy (at least not in the front seat, well, maybe the passenger…ahem). Anyway, yeah, which would you go with? :smiley:

I would stay with the black, They wouldn’t look so out-of-place, just cause you don’t have any other drastic changes. I like Black.

Thanks for the input! I think I’m going with the black, for that reason, and because the red one’s scream “STEAL ME!”

Anyone know how these bolt up? They come with universal sliders. Is that all I need? Sorry, I’m new to this seat business :wink:



Damnit, the company only makes brackets for a 92-00 Civic and 94-01 Integra.

Does ANYONE make brackets for G2’s?! If so, will any fit? How did you get your aftermarket seats in your G2? Did you need custom brackets? How much did it cost?

Sorry about all the questions!

corbeau does. And they retain the aotumatic seatbelt too. I think there like $50 a piece.

Thank you! Found them for $78.50 on their website. Pricey…anyone know another place to get them?

Also, anyone know if those seats will work with the Corbeau brackets?

One last thing, does it look like those DAD seats will accomodate the stock seat belts?

Thank you,


What’s the website that has those DAD seats?

www.dynamicautodesign.com or eBay :slight_smile:

Apparently they install into a G2 with no modification…

Gold, those seats look a lot like my Corbeau A4’s. I would not be surprised if they were the same seat. That said, I think they will fit onto the Corbeau bracket with little (if any) modification.

I bought the Corbeau brackets for $75 each and they fit perfectly.

damn your interior is clean…

stick with the black for sure. Red seats will make your interior look really lame. It doesn’t look funny having racing seats when you have a rear seat as long as you choose colors wisely. Black racing seats in front and stock black in back will look awesome. Red racing seats in front and stock black rear seats will look dumb.

what is wrong with your seats?? are you getting rid of them if so how much?? and yes your interior is clean as fu(k
:drool: :drool: :drool: :ok:

this guy got lucky like me and got his integra from someone who loved there car EXTRA CLEAN interior bro!
judging buy most of the interiors I have seen on the web most G2 owners have not been as lucky as us.:drool:

the site that has DAD seats is www.massivemotorsports.com

let me know the quality when you get them

and you should post some better pics than the website offers so we can all decide if we want them. the price on those is hella good. if the quality is anything like tenzo or shogun etc, pass bros… keep us updated. njtyser@yahoo.com thanks

Originally posted by Goldfingiz
Thank you! Found them for $78.50 on their website. Pricey…anyone know another place to get them?

I was surfing around, and realized a whole bunch of sites DON’T sell the brackets by themselves… you have to buy Corbeau seats with it. Does anyone know where I can buy it seperately???

I’d have to pick the black ones, and I thought sparcos fit the stock sliders…

O well…

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