which side axle?

i searched and didnt come up with anything… also… i know it may be super obvious but i need to ask considering the circumstance.here goes

so i changed both my left and right axles with fenco remans… i know they are shitty but they were less then 100 cdn each and have lifetime… anyways both are about 3 months old or so… i heard knocking when i turn left so i thought the axle was shot but whatever ill wait till i have time to change it… it got to the point where the left side axle was cliking and knocking when iw as accelerating and changes gears… so i was getting worried and got a replacement and put taht one in… that problem was gone. but when i took it for a test drive i still hear some knocking when i turn left… so this is my question… when you turn LEFT and it knocks does that mean its the LEFT axle? i know it may be obvious but it doesnt make sense that it knocks since i just put it in… unless fenco axles are so bad the stress fromlowered cars just F’s it up instantly?

Every time ive had bad axles it was the other side. Left turn right axle. Right turn left axle.

great… lol

he is right… since you turn left, it loads the right side of the vehicle(weight transfer) and same with right turns…not sure about an axle knocking tho…hard to help you without physically being there… maybe itll help you if you have someone ride with you

could also be something suspension related…like a sway bar end link bushing broken

ok well ill get my right replaced too… but yea, the left axle was pretty much toast though cuz when i took it out and moved the joint around you could def hear and feel metal on metal… bah… oh well thanks guys

pleather is correct. Though if they get bad enough, they will knock turning either way. An ex’s crysler was that way. Then again, you could grab onto the axle shaft and move it around in the CV joint. It was really bad.