which springs/coilovers??

i’m gonna be buying tokico blues and an ingalls kit, along witha rear sway and front strut bar for my car pretty soon, but not sure what springs to get…i was set on H&R’s but then i was thnking maybe coilovers because i live in maine and it snows a lot during the winter, so i could raise it in the winter and lower in the spring. But i’m not gonna be driving that much during the winer since i’ll be at college, and i have offers on eibachs with tokico blues for 350 but then ground controls with blues for 250 just not sure whether i should get springs or coilovers. What do you guys think??

with tokico blues you should get springs. specifically a sport spring (1.5" drop or less).

otherwise your shocks will be worthless after a fews months because they’ll blow—due to the stiff spring rate and low drop of coilovers or the stiff spring rate and drop of a race spring (~2" ~450/400)

names to look at…
eibach prokit
h&r sport
neuspeed sport

also consider tein s-tech - low drop (2") with a softer spring rate.

ya i didn’t really want to fuck with the coilovers anyway, and a guy i know had the same setup H&R’s with blues and ingalls and it worked/looked fine for him so i think i’ma go that way, plus there like a 1.8-2.0" drop the sport ones. Although i have a chance for the blues and eibach kit in one purchase deal, but i don’t think 1.5" is gonna be enough for my liking, cuz i had it on my g1teg and it didn’t go that low, but i guess i did see a difference, hmmm anybody got pics of the eibach/neuspeed/H&R drops?? i don’t want the tein s tech cuz this guy told me his friends ride sagged another 2" on top of the first 2" drop, so i dunno.

yea i wouldnt mess with coils dude they suck bad… Mess ur car all up… i now have Blues and Neuspeed springs and it almost rides stock… :up:

ya i decided to go with Tokico blues and H&R sport springs, haven’t gotten em yet but soon.