while trying to connect my acura deck

My friends and I tried to connect my Acura deck but after I cut the wires to replace the white plastic thing with another one, I noticed something… some electrical components were going crazy… and since, my clock always show 1:00 when I start the car, my rear defrost button is sometime flashing with the turn signal sound, trunk light on the dash is always on even with the trunk closed, samething for my seatbealt light…

Oh and the deck is not working… and I don’t know why…

Help! Thanks!

you didn’t cut through all the wires in the car at once did you? it sounds like you blew a fuse and then some. i would check all fuses in the engine bay and kick panel, then you may also have blown some circuits involving the illumination in the car, i have seen this before.

When I replaced the stock deck in my teg, I sprang a few bucks for two adapters - Integra connector to universal, then universal to Alpine. I wouldn’t have thought of cutting through that whole bundle…

Some background questions:

Was the battery unhooked when you cut the wires?
Are there any dead-ended wires?
Is the ground wire from the original wire bundle intact and working properly? (Corollary: How is your deck grounded?)

I ask the last couple of questions from my install fiasco. Turns out that the ground wire separated from the connector. :mad: So when I had the deck out and laying next to the shifter (touching metal), it worked. When I reinstalled the center console, the deck didn’t work and the antenna went crazy.

Originally posted by Jespe
Was the battery unhooked when you cut the wires?

No .
We didn’t though about that.
Now, what can I do for this ?