Whining and grinding noise on driver side, increases with RPM's

I have been getting a strange whining noise that starts right at 2500 RPM’s that comes from the driver’s side of the motor. I replaced the alternator and still have the exact same sound. When the engine is idling there is a slight grinding and just general “not good” sound on that side as well. Once you hit 2500 the whine/grind starts and continues and dies out around 3000. Any thoughts on what it could be?

did you make sure to tighten the belt after replacing the alternator?

Yeah, I tightened it. Could a water pump bearing make noise like that?

it could be the AC idler pulley, might want to check that also.

Okay, good thinking. Tomorrow I’m planning to start taking off accessory belts starting with the power steering to see if I can eliminate the problem. If I get all the belts off and I still get the noise where should I look?

With all the belts off, and it still makes the noise, suspect waterpump, timing belt tensioner or possibly internal engine damage.

I started taking belts off and it stopped after the A/C compressor belt. I took off the belt tensioner and it was really hard to turn. I bought a new part ($37 at O’reilly’s) and replaced all the belts and it runs great, no more whine. The idle had been acting kind of funny and it seems to have fixed that too, the pulley was really hard to turn before.

So, if you have a strange whine/grind try the a/c belt tensioner pulley.

this just started happening to me today and its 2 degrees outside. how important is it to fix this problem and how much dos it cost to get it fixed?

Whining and grinding noise from drivers side engine bay

i know for a fact that it is you WATER PUMP BEARING. a new on is about 60 bucks. if your going to change the pump, you ABSOLUTELY should change the TIMING BELT and TENSIONER, since you will have all the necessary parts off to do it at this point anyway. if you do not change the water pump ASAP when it makes that noise, the pump bearing will seize up instantly while you are driving most likely, the TIMING BELT will usually slip and the pistons will hit at least one or two valves, completely ruining your motor in like 2 seconds.
once that happens, it’s a paper weight. i just finished changing my 1991 LS pump, tensioner, timing belt, gaskets, filters, liquides, plugs…total tune up!

thanks for the reply. here’s a video of the sound. if anyone else has a solution to this. please post!! thanks!! i’ve posted 2 videos.



im thinkin your timing jumped. cant be water pump or any pulley if its at a certain rpm. pull tha VC and check if everything is lined up. most likely your exhaust side jumped.

nevermind. thats a different noise. that sounds bad tho.

ndon70 emailed me about the strange noises he was having. I suggested the A/C tensioner pulley and he replaced it and said the problem was solved.

When my pulley was making that noise it would start exactly at a given RPM, like 2800 I think. So just because it starts and stops with RPM doesn’t rule out an accessory belt item.

It is easy enough to eliminate the accessory belts as a culprit. Take the first one off, make sure nothing is in the path of the remaining belts, and start the car up. If the sound is still there, move on to the next belt. Eventually you will have all three off and if the noise is still there then maybe look in to what NZERO and sublimesnj said. But if you get a funny noise don’t freak out and start thinking timing belt and water pump, start with the easy basic stuff first.