whining on clutch engagement, hard to get into gear, grinding

I recently had my passenger side axle replaced and everything was great. Then, about 3-4 weeks ago I noticed a whining noise coming from the right side of the front end when I am letting off the clutch. At first it was very faint, but lately it has gotten louder and happens when I slowly let off the clutch in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. Then, today it started grinding when I shifted into 3rd and 4th. I drove the car for 2 hours today (home from college) and noticed that it was hard to shift out of gear unless I rev the engine as I was shifting. Also, I was coming onto an exit ramp in 5th year. I pressed the clutch and went to shift into 3rd as I normally do, but it wouldn’t go into gear. I tried 4th… same thing. I pumped the clutch a few times and by that time I was going slow enough to get it into 2nd.
I also noticed a “rubbing” noise when I first start to let off the clutch.
The clutch and all bearings were replaced about 13k miles ago, as was the flywheel and the clutch cable.

Thanks in advance, guys!

Sounds like the throwout bearing for the noise. See if it goes into gears fine with the car off and get back to me.

have you tried to adjust the clutch cable. definatly sounds like the throw out bearing could be making the noise thought.

its easy to confirm what is making the sound. with the car on and idling… press the clutch pedal down. if the noise starts up… but disappears once u release the clutch pedal, then its throw out bearing. if the noise disappears when u press the clutch pedal down, but goes away once u release the pedal then its prolly the pilot bearing.

if its only making the sound as the clutch is engaging (grabbing) then it could just be the material of ur clutch plate. when i first got the ACT street clutches, i was always curious about that and asked my shop and many others as well. buts its just how it is/was.

regarding u having issues getting into gear… u might have a damaged pressure plate or something. and the rubbing u feel sometimes could be clutch chatter…

Here’s an update for you guys:
I sat in the driveway, car idling, and had someone press the clutch pedal to the floor. I could hear a rubbing and low howling sound coming from the transmission. The sound went away once the clutch pedal was released.

I checked the transmission oil, just to be sure it wasn’t low, and it was full and fresh (filled when they did the axle about 2 months ago).
I adjusted the clutch cable to be sure that it just wasn’t set too low.

It is still difficult to get into gear with the car off, but easier than shifting under load.

Is it possible that its the input shaft and the shop screwed it up when they replaced the axle?
Sounds like the throw-out bearing, right? How bad is it if the throw out bearing fails?

Does anyone have a shop with a lift they could let me borrow so I can drop the transmission?

well it is for sure the throw out bearing then. but regarding getting it into gear. if ur throw out bearing or the pressure plate fingers are messed up… that affects getting it into gear. what type of pressure plate did u get?

i’d try adjusting the clutch tho.

I’m not sure of the brand. Its a Stage 1. I bought the whole kit off a guy on here like 4 years ago and it sat in my closet until a year and a half ago when I did my motor swap. My guess is its either an Exedy or ACT. Also have a lightened flywheel on it, too. The motor is a b20z with a bunch of bolt-ons.

Do you think it is safe to drive? I’m leaving for boot camp on June 1st and plan on buying a new car shortly after, so I don’t want to go sinking unnecessary money into the DA if I don’t have to.

well the whining shouldn’t be that much of an issue. is one but not something u have to rush and fix. considering its the throw out bearing tho… it will only get worst regarding the grinding and getting into gear. best thing u can do is adjust the clutch cable… u’ll have to do some trial n error to see what makes the symptoms occur less or none at all. that’ll buy u some time.

not to thread jack but I had a similar whining when running in 5th gear going down the highway. I kept driving my car with the whine just out of pure laziness. One day the car slips into gear while parked and warming up and then died. I checked the shift linkage which is pretty much perfect. The diagnosis I came up with is that the shift fork got stuck in place somehow…it won’t go into 5th gear and all the other gears do go in and the transmission locks.

so moral of the story will a bad throwout bearing cause this to happen?? where is the exact location of the tb cause I can’t find it in my manual

if u have the tranny out and you pull on the clutch cable thing that engages the clutch and look into the tranny the circular thin that moves up and down on the shaft is the throw out bearing its lik 80$ new at acura mightest well buy a new clutch kit that comes with one.or just go to the junk yard and find one.