whistle frm window at high speeds

wen i hit speeds of about 90 to 100mph i get a whistle noise or like wind is coming in and sometimes i get a huge gap between the door and the window . the last time i took the car to the car wash i noticed at the bottom corner of the window right by the door handle there is a gap anything i can do to fix this??? any one have the same prob???

:whisper: I know one way you could stop that whistling at 90-100 MPH, but I won’t say how.:angel: Honestly, you could realign your door or adjust the striker on the frame of the car. You may also want to look into replacing the seal/weather stripping around the window. After a couple years, those things tend to wear.

prolly need to adjust ur windows. gotta take the door panel off and adjust the lil part at the top and adjust other parts as well. trial and error is prolly all i can suggest.

thanks guys …but so i just rip the old weather strip off or are there precautions wen taking them off?? is the weather strip easy to find ???

for me it was just the window that needed adjustment

don’t take any weather stripping off…u dont’ have to touch that at all.

I think adustment of the door is a little much.

adjustment of the window is another option. I however decided to replace my window seal and it fixed the problem, but at $60 a pop from the dealership it might be worth trying to adjust your window first;)

thanks guys ill be ttrying this soon!