White fenders gotta go

Yo whatsup got me some used fenders and hood , thanks atcmonke

Now I dont like the whole front being white and the rest is red, So what Im going to do is primer my fenders with flat black or gray whatever. But I need some tips I searched but didnt find any end results that I liked.

I just want to primer it so it doesnt look stupid. I know I need to sand and sand with the fenders off, but give me some tips to help me out with what I want.

the fenders and hood should be easy. i just wet sanded them down to where the color looked dull and not shiny, dont sand down to the bare metal. then let them dry and clean them off real clean and add then add your desired primer or sealer. i just primed my drivers side fender grey but my car is white so it looks weird. i think i used 400 or 800 grit sandpaper i cant remmeber for sure.