White teg owners - Help with stains

I have a 93 Frost White Teg and I’m having problem with stains. Bird poo, grease from working on the car, and misc crap that falls on my car won’t come off easily. Is anybody else experiencing this with their cars? Can anybody recommend ANYTHING to help me out? Thanks.

My friends dad has a body shop, when i got my car painted he gave me a polisher and a bottle of some really good polishing compound for the paint that works really good. Just go to a good body shop and ask them if they could help you out, they know what they are doing.

If yu dont wanna do that get mequires products they work really good

If waxing and compound don’t work, then you can use Citrus but make sure you don’t leave it on the paint for long (and dilute it) Just spray it on and scrub with a wet sponge and wash off right away.

Thanks for the help guys.

cwiniarz: I have a friend who works at a body shop. I’ll ask him about the polishing compound.

VTC_GsR : Sorry for the ignorance, what is “Citrus” and where can I get it?

ok. try “cleaner wax”-its just like wax except kinda gritty. does a good job of cleaning paint. also a good clay bar helps.
ive gotta use some bug and tar remover on mine.
ive also heard of using bleach(diluted) never done it though.

but the cleaner wax and the clay bars are good stuff

Re: White teg owners - Help with stains

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Bird poo,


VTC_GsR : Sorry for the ignorance, what is “Citrus” and where can I get it? [/B]

No prob…Citrus is kind of an industrial strength cleaner. It’s hard to describe, but you can find it everwhere. It’s like an orange spray. :slight_smile:

Citrus is what’s in fruit like oranges and lemons. hehe. But they put it in cleaners I guess cause it works on disolving crap. You can smell it in Goo Gone and stuff like that. Good luck.

Go to ur local auto store, pick up a bottle of Meguiar’s Body Scrub and rub away.

citrus is what we use to clean the bottom of our snowboards :smiley: