White wire with green stripe.....

Hi all,
New member here. Mine is a '91 hatchback GS. I’ve had it two years and love the car. Today I had the air intake box and battery out to mount a PA speaker. I noticed a connection in a semi.round bracket…looks like it would secure to a hose. There was a 10 amp blade fuse and a single small green and white wire in it. The fuse was corroded and one of the blades broke off when I tried to remove it. My parking lights nor hazards have worked since I bought it…does this power either of these? Btw…my cruise, headlights, high beams and fog lights all work. Thanks

Pretty sure that wire is for the hazards… mine is cut also an I have same thing going on

Well after many more hours of searching and reading, now I think the ICU may be part of the problem. My intermittent wipers,hazards, parking lights nor my rear defroster work. My fog lights and cruise DO work !!?..Guess ill try to find a used one somewhere…also, is there a trick to pulling the parking light housing out from the fender? It won’t budge an 1/8"…I’m trying to pry it forward as there’s no good way to grip it:mad::mad::mad:

The ICU only controls the front side markers, [park/signal/hazard lights] the rest of the park lights are all controled by the combination light switch.


http://wiki.answers.com/Q/How_do_you_remove_the_headlight_housing_froma_1990_acura_integra_GS_and_you_mean_the_ENTIRE_headlight_not_just_the_bulb 94