Who has installed hood locks in our g2 integras?

Iam in need of tips of how mounting the striker bolt into the core support.

If anyone has done this before I would greatly appreicate some information on how they mounted the striker bolt, to fit the lock at an angle.

I haven’t seen any g2s with locks on their hood.



find Robert W, he did a good job on his

k, is he on the g2ic.com?

I have discovered my hood is at a 15 degree angel where i want to install my striker bolt.

i used the two holes allready in the frame to bolt them…and it turned out fine…the hard part is drilling because if you dont drill straight, then it’s gonnna hit the hood when closed…so you will need to drill at a slight angle

well i have my locks it

and what i did to angel the striker bolt,

Our hood is at a 15 degree angel, or where i installed my bolts,

above the core support

I was able to buy a slanted washer at 10 degree.

The hood sticks up a little higher because of it, and It is probably not to drop the hood close any more because of damanging the locks

so I think buying theses slanted washers to fix my 3/8" bolt, slanted at 10 degree angel works great

I’ll tell you guys how it works, maybe some pics after i get my other 2 washers, only bought 2 cause diddn’t know if would work or not.