Who has removed their stock rear spoiler?

I want to make my car as clean as possible and unfourtunitly it has a stupid stock spoiler on it. If I remove it, how many holes are there going to be? Has anyone filled the holes with plugs or anything (im not planning on any body work any time soon) ?


i have. Theres 2 little tiny holes on every bracket. aka 6 holes in all. I just filled them in, cause my car was gettin painted anyway, so no plugs were used, but ul have to do something, cause those holes wont look good just there.


it’d be around 50-75 bucks to have a quality fill/blend job done on the holes. worth the investment. plugs look like a big ol’ patty of the r-stuff. :wink:

if you have a rs-gs you will have 5 holes
if yo have a gsr you will have 6 holes.

an auto parts store next door to my work sells some rubber plugs that plug into the holes very well. pack of four is like 3.00 usd. thier black rubber.

its easy to seal them up w/ fiberglass cloth and resin. Then smooth it out with a touch of bondo. On hot day, all the stuff dries fast. Its something easy to learn some basic body skills on.

“if you have a rs-gs you will have 5 holes
if yo have a gsr you will have 6 holes.”

I believe this quote is wrong, I took off my spoiler and sold it to a member here name Sang awhile ago. I only have 5 holes, 2 on each end and one on the center, and yes, my spoiler was original to the car, (OEM GSR '92-'93) spoiler) with the LED light. everything LS GS RS GSR OEM spoiler should be same except the LED light in the center (AFTER market spoiler with LED dont count).

im speaking OEM GSR SPOILER FOR 1st GEN GSR.

i took mine off and then filled it in with bondo then touch up painted them.

i cant get to the middle one so that still is a hole i have to deal with. and it will rust so fix it soon.

and there are 5 on my 90ls

:tsk: Why take them off? :tsk:

I just put mine’s on!:up:

looks better with it off i think, cleaner look

I think it looks cleaner with it. looking for one with LED’s:)

Well if you all dont like them so much, id be more than happy to rid you of your problems.

i got one. black 92 gsr stock spoiler. throw me an offer or an interesting trade.

thanx bro,