Who makes a 1in drop spring for the DA

I am just too old for my Neuspeed springs the 1.8 drop is too much for me now. I want something that will ride similar but sit higher. I think 1in will be a happy medium. :read:

H&R has springs that drop 0.75". Might settle close to an inch.


Or if you happen to have Koni yellows you can make 'em sit a bit lower. Or drop more dough and just get GC’s but request softer spring rates (and possibly longer springs, not sure if the springs they normally come with will allow for such a small drop).

I’m not 100% sure but the tokico blue kit is a 1" drop I believe.

eibach prokit’s are 1.4inch front drop and 1.0 rear inch and it sits perfectly. Here’s how it looked on my 1st DA

I think H&R is what im going to go with. I have KYB AGXs all the way around & nothing is wrong with them so I just want springs.