why does my car make this screeching noise when cold?

when i start my car it doesn’t make any noise but then once i let it warm up a bit and then take off, reving at 1-1.5 rpms, i get this screeching noise? sounds like the alternator belt screeching but it also does this when i have the heater on? i just changed the thermostat and when i bought the car, the previous owner had already changed out the head gasket, timing belt, water pump and all misc belts…any input is appreciated. thanks in advance.

where does the noise seem to be coming from?

Your drive belt could be dry. Have you try added belt dressing to your belt? You should also check your tensioner.

sounds like your accesory belts, i’d check for any cracking and maybe tighten them if they’re loose

one of your belts is probably loose. if it’s been doing that for a while chances are the belt isn’t in that great of condition anymore. you might need to replace it.

Yea check the tension. When I changed all the belts on my 88 accord I started it up and she fuckin squealed like a pig lol. Tightened up the alternator belt and it shut up. Sometimes my tegs belts sqeals a bit when at idle. All the belts are tight. But It sqealed for the longest time then stopped for like 2 weeks now that little squeal is back. The belts dont cost very much to replace so maybe just replace them if they are already tight and squealing.

a little trick to stop the belt from squealing for a little while is to put a dab of wheel bearing grease every 12".