WI:one sad meet!

This is the first meet i ever set up and it didn’t work the way i wanted it to.




looks tight!!jdmass fck.:wink:

nice rides…

nice and stock. love em. any motor work to these cars?

Thank you.the white and red ones have bolt ons and stuff. both are real fast. the green one is mine and it has alot done. check out my page at.http://www.g2ic.com/forums/vbpicgallery.php?do=view&g=28. thanks agian

Thanks. do you guys like the the new updates to the site?

nice setup…

i like the pix u have on ur page and modifications are good. heres a couple of flix of mine.


if i still have my DA, or another one, when i move back up to fond du lac… like 2 years from now lol
i will be sure to hit up some Wi. meets.


what header is that?

it is the RMF Narrow header. i ordered it through import power house based out of Arizona. dont have the # anymore though.


good pics stevie.
although I think we look slightly gay standing next to our cars all badass like.

next time this meet better be more than US!

jakal- nice pics. your car looks real clean. diffently like that lip. i :salute: your DB2.

Nuggets- it better be more than us next time!

thanx man. i have alot more pix but i havent set up a page. do u have to pay to get a page?

yea you have to donate $20.00 to the site.

how many miles are on your car?

3 DB2s doesnt sound sad to me. specially in our area. i didnt even think there were that many around here.

well the chassis has around 200k but motor has around 45k since build.
b18c5 block jdm itr pistons
97gsr head
shaved 20,000 of an inch
s2 valvetrain
block hsl stage 3 cams
s2 pro series cam gears
s2 pro series intake mani.
hondata i.m. gasket
itr throttle body
aem fuel rail
b&m gauge/regulator
aem cai
act stage 3 clutch and lieghtend fly.
rmf narrow headers
hks catback

the car is sitting on 15x7 sprint harts
tien ss coils 16way dampering
blox lca’s
brembo rotors
ingalls front camber
es bushings

my future mods will be traction bar along with a new streeing wheel. maybe if i can find a mugen one. jdm window visors, folding mirrors, maybe the center console ( if i can find these items ) and possibly some new jdm wheels. would like to get sprint hart CP-Fs.

but thats it in a nut shell:bowthank:

thats a damn impressive list.:corn:
i have an extra center console (missing the cup holders in side though) that i might sell soon. i can keep you in mind if you are interested?

Man A yeah thier are bunch hiding out there. just have to keep an eye out.

u say ur missing the cup holders, but everything else is still there correct? armrest? what color is it and if u do sell it how much?

its all there just the inner cupholders are gone. its the the GS-R color interior. i got it out of a parts car GS-R i had. i am thinking $80.00 plus shipping.
oh yea what happened to the b17 in your car?

Wondering when the next WI meet will be?

also wondering what you guys are running in a 1/4 mile?

I just picked up a db1 and new to the site.

we have never been to the 1320 yet.i hope for mid 14’s.