wide body

i was jsut wondering if there is a wide body kit for a g2…anyone one know any sites with picture?

I seen a widebody on one in a dvd. Not sure if it was custom or not, it looked aiite.

I’ve seen a bunch of wide body kits on G2’s but haven’t actually seen one for sale. The easisest thing to do is fenders flares, they look alot better then the boxy wide body kits anyways. You can get the fender flares at www.teamprototype.com, hope this helps

here’s a pic of mine. FEELS widebody

Wow, that looks like alot nicer widebody kit then I have seen on other G2’s. Where you buy that from?


nice… the fenders look similar to a wrx… sweet… :drool:
that’s too much money for me though… i dont even want to try to think how much it costs…

turboteg, where exactly did you get that feels kit from? How many pieces was it and was it a direct application for G2’s?

Nice job on the car by the way…!

talk to VIS racing about the kit

anybody still have the pic of turbotegs car? im looking into wide bodykits and only found one fender flare set


Check this out guys, its my project when I got it. tell me what you think, keep in mind Im on a highschool budget.