wideband for daily use?


I got a sweet deal on a wideband and controller and a moates ostrich. I think I need to replace my O2 sensor and I was wondering if it would be ok to use the wideband instead of buying a standard one from kragen. I know the wideband controller does a simulated 0-5V O2 signal, so I can hook it up to the ecu. I’m just wondering how long it will last if I use it daily.

thanks for the advice.

Honda ecu’s read from 0-3.8v. you can use them for daily use but the o2 sensors will probably have to be replaced after 60k or so. what wideband is it? aem? innovate? ngk?

ive been running my PLX daily for over 2 years, not a single problem

Its the innovate LC-1.

The voltage range on the stock O2 sensor is 0-1 volt. Widebands are 0-5V. The ECU won’t understand it and you may get a code on OBD1 ECUs. It is a waste of a wideband even if you can make it work. Maybe someone will swap with you. I have a working spare stock O2 sensor if you want to trade.

ive also been running my PLX daily for about a year without any problems. You should be good as long as you have a 0-1 volt output to connect up to the ECU.

The LC-1 has a programmable analog output, so getting it to go from 0-1 V would not be a problem.