Widest Wheel on a DA

What width wheel and tire is everyone running? Im not into the whole stance nation look Im just trying to fit the widest tire possible, preferably 15inch wheel, either going for 8, 9, or 10inchs wide. Just curious what DA’s can really fit while maintaining close to very very little negative camber.

I have run 8 inch wide 6uls no problem, currrntly i have 225/45/16 on my regas but i am lowered and rocking arpund 3.5 camber…i will beraising mine up but fronts you can def run a wide tire without rubbing but rears will be an issue again it all depends on how low you are…

[HR][/HR]typically you can get away with a 15x8 rim.

stock on non GSR models is like 14x6 I think… GSR Fat 5s and BLades are a 15x6

I have seen rims stated to fit a G2 at 15x8 and toyerd back and forth between 16x7 or 15x8 rims.

Personaly I like a slightly lower rofile on the tire so I chose a 16x7. with a high offset. great ride and handles well.

I’m sure you could go wider with a fender roll and or spacers, but I’ll leave that to someone who has actually done it to answer

can i see a pic of how your car sits??

hey man take a look at this thread:

the images on the first few pages are majority dead as most of the early posters no longer post on here often or at all anymore, so just go towards the back and you can get some reference pics by other members. You’ll probably notice that alot of people are rocking 15x8 so it’s a pretty common size to fit on our chassis with little work.

15x8 seem the most common, right now I am running Tien S-tech’s with KYB GR2’s, Im running 15x6.5s with 205/50/15s and still have some decent clearance, I have little to no negative camber as well. I am realllllllly trying to get the widest possible wheel for the most traction, I found some 15x10s (I know ridiculous) with +25 offset, thoughts on these? they also have 15x8/9’s for the same rim style with the 15x9’s having a +36 offset and the 15x8’s being a +36 offset as well. If at all possible (not likely) I would love to run 15x10s in the front and 15x9’s in the back, Although I feel 15x9’s is more likely all around… what are your guys opinion on this? I am not against rolling or pulling my fenders very minorly.

Off-topic: how are the kybs on Teins? I may pick up a set. Any car pictures?

honestly if the member rexone was around, he’ll definitely know what would fit; he’s basically the first guy i remembered on this forum to be always rocking some different rare jdm wheels every other week a.k.a a wheel whore lol.

check out this thread, it may be helpful:

I’m sorry but I’m going off topic and just going to bring up some pics from the past of rexone’s old black db1, I just can’t help it, no homo lol

rebarreled Mugen M7…drools, I forgot the sizing and offsets

ssr exc-fins

ssr formula/reverse mesh? can someone reconfirm this

Volk TE37

also another member: N.E.L.A db2

staggered setup: work equips 003 specs: 15x8 +7 front, +10 a disk rear with a 3mm spacer… running a 195/50 yokohama s-drives

his suspension setup:
“i’m running koni yellows and ground control sleeves and at that ride height its perfect smooth ride, just the front wheels rub alil fender when i bust a bitch (u turn) so i have to roll front fender alil, rear is rolled and never had any rubbing problem at all…”


he also ran some works xsa, but I can’t find any pics of them at the moment.

Also I noticed that you may be looking for a wider wheel for wider tires= more traction (performance oriented), however these guys just ran these setup for aesthetic reasons, but besides the point the guys can help reinforce that you can put 15x8 and wider wheels on the teg. Hope I helped you guide you in the right direction! :wink:

There is a member with a blue teg who put 9 inch wide on. Looked badass and super aggressive without being overkill.

they are great, I really like them and they have served me well for the past 3 years, handling wise, daily driving wise, and drag racing wise.

it looks like 15x9s are very doable with some rolling and pulling with running as little camber as I plan to. I dont think 15x10’s will every fit lol… atleast while still maintaining good traction with my radials

You can get away with pretty much anything. Just the way you do it is what sets it off or not. Me personally 15x8 +0 offset is a perfect size for our DA’s. just buy camber kits. I seen a DA in my area with 15x11 or 16x11’s. I could be wrong. It might be 15x10 or 16x10

Basically, 16x8 and 15x8 with 0 offset will fit, but poke out past the fender/quarter without insane camber. 15 offset is doable, still lots of negative camber needed. Right now I’m on XXR 513’s 15x7 with a +15 offset, and they took some work to fit the rear naturally cambered. Basically just have to roll the fenders all around. If I were you and wanted as wide as possible but still be able to fit, look for 16x8 with like a +20 or +25 offset. If you can find something in the 30’s, they’ll fit nicely with little negative camber

And run a 205/45/16 tire, or 195/45/16 if you want to stretch tire more so you can run less negative camber

Couple snaps of my car for reference

Hard to tell but my back wheels are like / \ from the camber from slamming it so damn much

I dont get the point of running a wider wheel only to run a skinnier tire? I run a 16x7 +33 with a 225/45r16 on it. I like the look of some wide rubber tucked vs super strectched rubber with a wide wheel. But then again I built mine to actually enjoy trying to drive the wheels off the car vs low and slow… Wide tire tucked makes the car look like it means business, not a parking lot princess like the stretched trend. God I cant wait for that to end…

functional point of view.

Yeah. Here is the only current pic I got of the 225’s tucked. 16x7 +33 Fno1r-C’s, 225/45r16 Toyo R1-r’s, -3f/-3.5r. Sorry it is a side shot but shows it can be just flushed up inside. I will get a pic from the rear later today once the GF moves out of the driveway. It will be dirty though, not just washed like in this pic.