wierd overheating problem

Hey, trying to help a friend out with an accord. She keeps boiling the coolant out. Sometimes the car overheats and sometimes the coolant just boils. Thought it was the fan cause it wasn’t working, but that didn’t fix it. Changed thermostat and radiator cap. Didn’t work. Also flushed the system, but maybe needed a better flush. Still didn’t work. I’m not sure if the headgasket is going bad, or she’s just leaking somewhere. I tried testing the system with a pressure tester, but I couldn’t find any leaks. Any ideas? She said the water pump was replaced, but I’m not sure how long ago. car has 200+ miles. LMK if you guys have any ideas.

What year Accord? If the vehicles over 15 yrs old I’d throw the radiator in the repair shop. The place I use says Acura/Honda radiators are rock solid which means they take the hassle of boiling and rodding out well, which I would guess to be the problem. Cost is about $60 including a good grade of radiator cap. and by all means make sure you bleed the air out.

Try leaving the raiator cap off for like 3min from a cold start. make sure there is plenty of coolant before and after the 3min. This is the “ghetto” way of bleeding or burping your lines, but works well.

I was thinking it could be the radiator not doing its job, but I’m not sure. I did bleed it out, but I’ll ck that again. The accord is like a 95 I think. That body style for sure.

If you’ve watched the guys at the radiator shop doing their thing, the first thing they do is prop it up under a huge vat of water and attach the outlet to the radiator cap orifice. Then they pour the whole lake into the radiator and that comes out the bottom orifice. If it doesn’t spew out like your wildest dreams then it’s cloggied up. I mean they look for like 20 gallons a minute. If it just comes out and falls directly down you’ve got a plugged up radiator. Normal hose flushing doesn’t come close.:goyou: :ok:

Well she’s taking it to somebody, but you know how shit bothers you when you can’t fix it. I know I could just can’t figure out what the hell the problem is. I think it’s the radiator. The coolant would boil over even if the car is running at a decent temp.