Wierd sound from engine

When i am in 1st gear or 2nd gear and at verry low rpms, when i give throttle my engine makes an extra abnormal sound that sounds like an extra gear or soemthing its herky jerky sound (somewhat like the sound sometimes heard in reverse.) It jsut started recently (all i have done recently i changed MTF). Im not sure how else to describe it but its a sound in addition to the regular engine revving sound and it happens only in lower rpms when u give throttle.

Could this be the knocking some people say they have when they use lower octane gas if someone could describe that sound maybe thats my problem?


how many quarts did you put in the tranny? (I hope you used Honda MTF only)

I used honda MTF and i put about 2.5qts in… u think i should add more or i out in too much?

I think the recommended quantity is 3 quarts, but not 100% positive on this one.

did you filled it up to the refill/check plug? was you car levelled when you added the oil? (this one is really important)

According to the Helms you need 2.2 on a fill and 2.4 on a flush… i did a drain and fill and the car wus level when i was filling it.

oups, my bad.

Just saw the post by tegrevboy, maybe your input shaft bearing…