Will 225/17/45 fit ?

I got some 225/17/45 from my dad and I’m just wondering if they would fit ? I already have 215’s and they seem pretty tight as far as width. So I don’t know, I don’t think so ! LMK !

45 is much too tall of a sidewall. a 30 might have a chance…

Hmm I’m going out on a limb here but I think a 45" size tire is going to be waaaay to big for the DA. You’ll prolly going to need a ladder to get into your car :smiley:

Yeah, the 215/50’s are already scraping when the suspension is really compressed. Thanks guys !

Just do the math: (225 x 45% x 2) + (17 x 25.4) and compare that with the numbers you get on a stock 195-60-14. The difference will tell you that the former will make your car look like a covered wagon (if you cut the fenders out). Might as well hitch the car to a burro.