will 3rd gen integ cd player work on 2nd gen?

does anybody know this? i really want to run a stock cd player 94-2001 integ cd palyer,
has anyone ever tried this?

yes it will work i got the 2000 gsr deck in my 92 ls, its a simple install

actually as long as it is out of a 94-97 yes it will plug right in. Honda changed wiring harnesses that year. i had a 87 teg LS with a deck out of a 96.

yeah i just got a 98 or up cd player and need the reverse harness thing. anyone know where i could find it??

ok i was confused, you need a reverse harness for a 98 and up radio to fit for a g2 but i have a stock g2 radio and a cd player from a late g3. so basically i’m going to have to get a 98 and up radio and a reverse harness. guess i shoulda searched before i decided to do the “quick fix”.

Don, I have a harness for a 98-up honda - got it from Best buy to test a CD player that ended up not working. I’ll sell it to you for $12 - was 16 from BB. Let me know if you want it.

you can buy harnesses for it from Bestbuy or CircuitCity or anything other electronics place usually!

yeah i’ll def buy that off ya steve, but not till i get home from thanksgiving break (the 29th). just to make sure i have enough money to pay rent :ban:

lol, ok Don. What do you have and what do you need? do you have just the CD player, and need a newer HU to run with it? Or you have a full HU and just need the harness for it?