Will 4 lug ITR wheels fit a DA?

Hey, I was wondering if a JDM 96 spec ITR wheels with 4x114 bolt pattern will fit my 91 integra with 4x100? Any help is great. Thanks.

are you being serious?

what country do you live in where 114 = 100? canada?

thanks, i know there different sizes, but was i was wondering if they would still fit…


if they’re a different lug size, how are they going to fit? not trying to rag on you…oh fuck it yes i am. but you brought it upon yourself, being that you failed to use (or simply lack) common sense on this one. :stuck_out_tongue:



I count on mark for my daily dose of satirical comedy :slight_smile:

:giggle: rofl… but, really though? :wtf:

Onequickda6, since everyone here is a fukin expert on everything,
and love to show that…

No, they won’t fit.


now now pookie, i never claimed to be an expert on everything. but i am an expert on 100 < 114 :wink:

a simple “no” will do.