will 5g lude racing akimoto intake fit DA??

a mate’s got one of these for sale, from a 5g lude:


my engine bay:

looking at it, it looks like it may fit the DA’s engine bay (i’m also running a smaller battery than in the pic, that’s an older pic from when i foirst bought it).

has anyone run a 5g prelude intake on a B16 DA???

the guy lives miles away so i can’t test fit it…

Well it’ll be tight if it does. If its too long, you can trim a bit here and there, but if the bends are wrong, it wont work. By the looks of that photo, youve got ABS too, and thats a pretty crucial bend. Check out Ebay, I bought a short ram for the winter, and was surprised by the quality. I think it was around $45 shipped. Try this link. I think this guy will ship international. This is one of a few I saw.


i’m only looking at this one as it’s cheap from a friend, and in the UK - don’t usually see parts for the DA here.

shipping and customs from the US usually shafts me lol

haha yeah I’m from Canada, and the customs especially with UPS shafts me too. blah!