will a tanabe hyper medallion fit my DA?

just wondering if a tanabe hyper medallion will fit my 91 DA…
planning on buying just the exhaust part from a EK hatch and making my own piping for it to fit… did anybody do this yet? its not the APEX n1 style its the WS2 style exhaust so yeah let me know!!

all ur doing is basically taking the muffler end of it and getting piping done for it. of course it’ll fit cuz u r getting piping made for it to fit ur car. they can always put new exhaust hangers and stuff if need be too.

oic but is any1 for sure about this idea? i heard it would be hitting something on the left side thats why where the exhaust comes out of… but not for sure…
so the exhaust would be clear from everything?

the muffler shop that installs it would make sure it wont hit.